Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Extraordinary New Cover!

By Amy MacKinnon

A dream come true thanks to designer Whitney Cookman. He created this without seeing my web site and they are shockingly in sync.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And congratulations, Amy.

Judy Merrill Larsen said...

I said this to you before, but seeing it here makes me all swoony again. This is gorgeous.

The Writers' Group said...

Kristen, thanks so much. I am wild about it. When I first opened the attachment, I wept. It perfectly captures the tone and theme of the book.

Judy, it's so nice to have a friend with whom to swoon.


Gail said...

gorgeous, Amy!

Rachel said...

This really is such an amazing cover!

The Writers' Group said...

Thanks, Gail. Can't wait to see the cover for CANCER IS A BITCH!

I'm so pleased you think so, Rachel. I appreciate yourtaking the time to comment.


Therese said...

My response, too, was "Gorgeous!" I think your friend Sessalee will approve.

Lisa said...

You know I'm usually fairly cover agnostic, but this one is elegant and beautiful.

The Writers' Group said...

Therese, you should know a gorgeous book cover by now. All of your US & foreign covers for SOUVENIR are breathtaking. And who wouldn't approve?

Lisa, I do know how you feel about covers -- especially those with photos. I'm so pleased you like this one.


Larramie said...

Stunning! And best of all, Amy, golden yellow and white ARE on the cover!!!

The Writers' Group said...

I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right, Larramie!


Lisa said...

That isn't a photo, is it? It looks like a beautifully rendered photo-realistic painting. I don't mind all photos on covers -- I just don't like them when they are too "real" to allow me to suspend disbelief -- if there are no faces, or the photo is mysterious, I like them. This is mysterious and beautiful

Usman said...

It is beautiful, sad, poignant. I love it.

The Writers' Group said...

Lisa, it's taken from a b&w Toni Frissell photo that graced the cover of Harper's Bazaar in 1947. She was a trailblazer to women photographers, very generous too. Then Whitney added his own vision to it. These two artists combined worked is extraordinary and I'm over-the-moon that their brilliance will grace my cover. I would hang that piece in my home.

Usman, when you read it (yes, the galley is coming as I promised long ago), you'll find this is not sad at all. I won't say another word, you'll have to see for your self.


Carleen Brice said...

I'd pick that book up in a heartbeat!

The Writers' Group said...

I hope so, Carleen, then we can talk about how we were inspired by so many of the same parallels. It's funny how ORANGE MINT & HONEY and TETHERED are completely different stories with many of the same themes.


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