Monday, April 16, 2007

Perspective, and Having Some

Posted by Lisa

Today I sport a big and beautiful baby blue cast. I broke a bone in my foot - worst pain I've ever felt. I was playing soccer - if you count running fifteen feet after a black and white ball playing soccer. Remember, hockey's my sport.

For a week and a half after the fracture, it went undiagnosed. Tendonitis, that's what the first doctor called it. The ten recent days that I hobbled on my fracture were some of the worst of my life. It was the physical therapist I went to see that said to have a doctor take another look. "Get thee into a casting room," another good friend who's a nurse told me.

When the second doctor took out the casting supplies and wrapped that warm and delightful sky blue wrap around my leg, I could have reached forward, grabbed hold of him, and kissed him. Suddenly, the pain was gone. I could breathe.

As I left the doctor's office, I happened to notice a sign posted by the receptionist's deck. Dr. Oliver, a well respected orthopedic surgeon in my town, is taking a leave of absence. "Dr. Oliver", it reads, "is traveling to a third world country (unspecified) for three months to offer his expertise to those who need it."

When I left that office, I was walking on a cushion, not a cast. I was on my way to recovery. How many that day had no access to medical care.

Yesterday I went to a get-together with neighborhood friends. "Oh, how awful," people groaned in unison as I hobbled on my crutches. "You poor thing!" "You must wear it for six weeks." "How will you cope?"

Ten days of walking on a broken foot taught me something about perspective. How lucky I am that I can get a second opinion, have a strong and protective cast cure me. How many people in this world will endure pain that I can't imagine.

Now, poor me, I must have my groceries delivered for a ten dollar charge. And how will I cope with folding laundry and putting it away. My big and beautiful baby blue cast hugs me gently, warm and caring. My life is golden; I am privileged. What can I do to give back?


Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

Oh, Lisa. I've been there. Broke my foot the summer of my senior year--3 days after school let out.

I know what you mean about perspective, too. My best friend's husband is a doctor, and he has done some missionary work. One of my students' father participated in "Doctors without Borders." He left his family for months at a time to tend to people who may never find their families. Both these men saw tremendous suffering and came to understand the difference between inconvenience or discomfort and true suffering.

We are not people of means, but we have so much more than many, and I would like to find a way to give as well.

Lisa Marnell said...

Hi Ghost Girl!

Thanks for your comment. It makes us all think, doesn't it? What we think of as suffering at times is nothing compared to what others endure.


Larramie said...

You've given a lot back by simply writing this post, Lisa, and sharing your appreciation. Yes people suffer -- not just in third world countries -- but all around us. That's the way life is...not to be taken for granted.

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...


Natasha Fondren said...

I'm so glad you got the proper care! I empathize with the foot. I've been walking on a swollen foot for eight months now. It really puts a crimp in the lifestyle!

Therese said...

Lisa, so sorry about your foot!

Your attitude is in fabulous shape, however--this message is one that always bears repeating.

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