Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not Right Now

By Amy

To be perfectly honest, I don't feel like writing this post. No offense, people, but my personal life is upside down, I'm a bit peckish, woefully tired, and, frankly, I'd rather spend my time living in a world I created than the one I've recently been handed. That's not to say my protagonist is having a better time of it, it's just I know the outcome to that particular tale of woe.

I'm thick in the revision process (thank you, Therese, I needed that), and even though it's summer, even though a plethora of amazing books have been released this year, and, yes, shamefully, even though my family needs me, I want to ignore reality, sit here at my desk in my stuffy office, with a puppy in desperate need of a bath (but, my goodness, he is the sweetest dog in the world, isn't he?), and write.

So, please excuse me for this short post, but my time is no longer my own and every moment has become precious. I'm close, so close, and I really need to get back to my writing.

Before you go, a favor? So that I may live vicariously through you, take the kids to the beach and be sure to pack a good book for me.


kristen spina said...

Amy, yes, go back to your writing and I will keep good thoughts for you, your family and better times. And maybe even make a trip to the beach or at least the pool for you.

As for a book, I started On Chesil Beach but I am having such a sense of deja vu with the first chapter. Does anyone know if it was excerpted in the New Yorker earlier this year?

Therese said...

Not at all "shamefully," Amy.


I think of you and your family often, and of course hope for the best possible outcome there.

For your book, too. :)

Larramie said...

TRUE CONFESSION: Last night, before drifting off to sleep, the first picture you posted of Babe floated across my mind and I silently hoped he was providing you with comforting companionship.

Babe IS there for you, Amy, as are your characters and all of us who really, truly care.

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

Kristen, yes, I saw pictures of that luxurious pool; I'm quite jealous! You're absolutely right that the first chapter of On Chesil Beach was excerpted in The New Yorker, late last year I think. And thanks for your good thoughts.

Therese, I think you've graduated from Cinderella to Fairy Godmother of the publishing world. A sprinkle of fairy dust, thank you, and I'll be on my way. If only there were such a thing for all of life.

Larramie, I know I know you. Somehow. I've no doubt you wondered that last night, and, yes, Babe offers me SO much comfort. The timing of his coming into my life couldn't have been better. I appreciate your kind thoughts.


Therese said...

I did once dress up as Glinda for Halloween...

Wish that wand I had worked in the real world--I could've used it a time or two myself.

Melissa Amateis said...

Amy, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I'm finally getting back to a semblance of normalcy around here, but there were many days while hubby was in the hospital that I just wanted to bury myself in a little corner and write.

Take care of yourself. Lots of hugs!

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

Melissa, I'm so pleased your family -- and your novel -- are back on track. Normalcy is a blessing, isn't it? Thanks for the good wishes, I return them tenfold.