Friday, September 14, 2007

Making a Literary Life: The Journey

This week, we in the Writers' Group had a proud moment; we held Lynne's book, Negotiation Generation in our hands. We read her words in print, in a book, in a bookstore. Text that we read months and months ago, had somehow become a book. It is a privilege to play a role, ever so small in the journey of turning an idea into a book.

My favorite part of Lynne's journey toward publishing Negotiation Generation has been seeing her speak on her parenting segment on FOX morning news in Boston. She is confident, competent. Lynne is the same person who sits to my left at our Writers' Group meetings, but she is somehow different on television. She deserves to be published, if someone can deserve to be published. Her message is of value to parents and children. And now it will reach so many people who could benefit from it.

Am I silly because I carry a copy of Negotiation Generation with me everywhere I go? (Yes, my pocketbook is the size of an overnight bag.) In restaurants, I leave it face-up on the table; waiting in lines, I skim the pages; at school events I keep my finger tucked between pages, close to my chest. What can I say, it's a conversation starter and, boy, do people ask about it. I love how Larramie tilted my perspective on its uses: that we can apply the techniques taught in Negotiation Generation to all of our relationships. Absolutely brilliant!

Oh, this book could not have arrived in the mail at a better time! And two copies, one from Amazon (Notice this book, oh Conglomerate!) and one from the lovely author; one for me, one for my husband, or one for me and one for a friend. Or one for me and one for the library... or... in any or all of these cases, Lynne has reached an author's dream: not just publication, but publication of a book that will develop loved, worn creases on its cover, curved pages, a coffee stain or two from years of constant touch and reference.

The encouragement, the support and the love so freely given to me by my champions at the Writers' Group leaves me speechless. And that my friends is not an easy feat to accomplish.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you.


Larramie said...

As much as I appreciate your compliment, Amy, it's Lynne who is brilliant for coming up with these applicable techniques, writing and sharing them by pursuing publication.

Lisa said...

I am so proud and excited for Lynne, and I am really honored to know each and every one of you. Your good karma will take each of you far.

Dot said...

Congratulations on your book's publication. I wish you lots of success!
We've met at several of Buttonwood's Events.
Best to you,
Dottie Grant Cohen

rachel said...

I'm a young mom searching for alternatives to punitive parenting. I just finished Negotiation Generation. It's amazing. I plan to re-read it and take notes while I do, and recommend it to my friends. Besides its content, which is excellent, the book's style reflects the author's message about secure, authoritative (not authoritarian) parenting. It's nonjudgmental, warm and concise. Love it.

I'm going to check out the rest of the books published by your group. I love that I went looking for information about an author and found a group of friends. Thank you, Lynne Reeves Griffin, and the all of your Writer's Group.