Monday, November 05, 2007

Thinking Big

Posted by Lisa

I’ve mentioned movies in blog entries before. A few weeks ago, the movie Seabiscuit taught me about character and its role in advancing plot. Perhaps I can blame my recent interest in movies to my relocation north of Los Angeles. Have I been bitten by the movie bug? After all, in my old home of Massachusetts, radio stations interview sports figures, local politicians. Now, I tune into a radio station that interviews movie stars.

My son and I watched Big last night, starring Tom Hanks. It’s about a boy who wishes he were big; his dream comes true. He wakes up the next morning, an eleven or twelve-year-old in Tom Hanks' body. He got his wish.

I made a wish, too. Many times. I wished I could be a published author. If that happens, things will change. These things, for instance:

I will finally have real money; I will contribute more than a small part of the mortgage.

I will not feel guilty writing in a café, spending money on fancy coffee that costs over three dollars a cup. I will indulge in the Cheesecake Factory slices they sell for $4.95 at Barnes & Noble.

My husband will look at me in awe. He’ll tell me he knew it would happen, and I will know that isn’t true.

I will walk into a bookstore and see someone buy my book – I will love that moment.

I will never feel guilty about writing time again.

My children will tell friends their mother writes books. I will nod, humbly, “Yes, I do,” I will acknowledge.

I will accept the Newbery Medal with pride. (Okay, that’s above and beyond, I know).

But, like the movie Big, I know I must be careful what I wish for. Will being published change my world?

I’ll get back to you on that…

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Larramie said...

Except for the Newbery Medal, Lisa, your wishes are modest and "inner" personally gratifying... Sounds good to me. ;)