Thursday, September 18, 2008


Posted by Lynne Griffin

If you're in the market for an agent, check out the interview series in Poets & Writers, or the article on agents looking for your work in Writer's Digest.

Want ten tips for curing the mid-book blues? Then read next month's article in The Writer.

Love Hallie Ephron's Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel? Then you'll love her article in the September issue of The Writer.

There are plenty of magazines to peruse aimed at helping you refine your writing while staying tuned into the marketplace side of writing. Whether you subscribe, buy a copy now and again, or visit each magazine's on line equivalent, writer's magazines are a useful tool.

Do you have any magazine recommendations for our readers? If so, please share them in the comments section. And do check out the article featuring friend of our blog, Gail Konop Baker's memoir. It's in Writer's Digest, on stands now. It's terrific. Congrats, Gail.


Hallie Ephron said...

Thanks for the note on my article in The Writer on mystery mistakes. I've been collecting them at conferences talking to editors, agents, readers, librarians...

My latest hobbyhorse is the novel with a superfluity of viewpoints. Thriller writers can't seem to get enough of 'em, and it can capsize novel (sometimes you can't even tell who the protagonist is).

One of my favorite other gaffes is contributed by the inimitable (well, actually she's easy to imitate, impossible to equal) Janet Reid: "Continuing coincidences. The police sergeant chases someone into a building which catches fire. The fire marshals discover a body. The body happens to be the sergeant's foster other. Three other people turn up who just happen to have lived in that house..." That stuff drives me nuts, too.

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

Thanks, Hallie. I'm so glad you point those errors out. Once you really see them, it makes it harder to sin again.