Friday, December 07, 2007

Making a Literary Life Friday: Magic

The magic that is fiction is what keeps us all moving forward with the conviction and determination mentioned here this week. At this time of year it's harder, perhaps, to find as much time as we'd all like to write, but that's okay. A visit to the local bookstore -- for gifts for others of course! -- is an acceptable excuse to put off working, and it gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in the magical world, even during chaos. Care to share the one or two books you're buying for others this season?

This week I bought my seven-year-old son an unedited and beautifully illustrated version of A Christmas Carol. It's long and detailed and plump with magic and the true meaning of Christmas. We started reading it together last night.

And for me? I bought the original Peter Pan (as it suddenly has relevance to my current YA WIP which is magical realism), and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

I took the kids Christmas shopping the other day and it always entails a trip to the bookstore, Take a look around, show me what you'd like. We do this at birthdays, report card day, Christmas, and on blazing hot or freezing cold days -- any excuse to hit the bookstore. My youngest chose the The Wanderer by Sharon Creech and David Diaz, my son chose Thermopylae: The Battle That Changed the World by Paul Cartledge, and my eldest has fallen for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series (I read it first and highly recommended it). For myself? I suggested a gift card because there's nothing better than taking some time to browse the shelves and buy whatever I want.

In other news, the amazing foreign rights department at Crown continues to sell Tethered abroad. So far, it will be published in the UK and territories, Italy, Holland, France, Germany, Japan and Brazil. Thanks to each of them!

My favorite gift book this season so far is for my niece. I bought her Joe Hill's Twentieth Century Ghosts. She's a committed Phantom fan, knew about the new Sweeney Todd movie before Johnny Depp, I think. I cannot wait to discuss it with her! I also hear A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon is laugh-out-loud funny, and am quite positive Santa will slip that one under the tree for me!


After spending hours in bookstores signing stock, giving talks and milling about with customers promoting Negotiation Generation, I still find my way to them to round out my Christmas shopping. This year’s stash includes Ann Packer’s Songs Without Words; Ronlyn Domingue’s The Mercy of Thin Air; and Carol Goodman’s The Sonnet Lover. Oh wait, am I suppose to be shopping for other people?

In NG news—this week my fantastic agent sold the rights to translate my parenting book into Chinese! It will be such a thrill to see a foreign edition of my book.


mohanley5 said...

Amy is familiar with my new favorite author, Roland Merullo.

"In Revere In Those Days"
"A Little Love Story" (I bought 4, for Christmas gifts!)
"Golfing With God" to name a few.

I recently finished Hank Phillippi Ryan's "Prime Time" and now into "Face Time"...both very fun, they will fit nicely into my
m-i-l's stocking.


Carleen Brice said...

You ladies really got the foreign rights thing going on! Congrats!

I bought hubby the Borat book for Christmas. Don't know what he'll think of it, but we'll be spending the holiday with family so it it'll be a good conversation starter!