Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa Baby

by Hannah

With apologies to the writers, (Joan Javits, Philip Springer, Tony Springer), and Eartha Kitt, whose version was only matched to any degree by Cindy Lauper, far as I'm concerned!

Santa Baby,
Slip a book gift card under the tree
For me.
Been an awful good girl
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa Baby, a pre-owned Highlander, blue,
Will do.
I’ll take cartridge ink, too.
Santa Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Think of all the fun I’ve missed
Mom-ing, working, what a list!
Next year I might be agented, too,
If I got one more thing from you:

Santa Baby, I want some time to write
That’s all mine,
No whine,
No clients, kids, or dish lids,
Santa cutie,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa Baby, I remembered something
My ring
On my left finger down there
He’s where?
Taking the kids out for the day?
Santa Baby, thanks for coming down the chimney tonight!


Anonymous said...

Hannah, you're so clever! May all your wishes come true!


Melissa Amateis said...

Hahaha - this was great! I wish Santa would give me some time to write, too!

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

Glad you enjoyed. Think I should email this link to my dear husband? Me, too! (And now, truth be told, off to write!)


Larramie said...

Gosh, Hannah, you might have a future as a lyrics' writer...just think of those royalty checks! Thanks for the :)