Friday, February 08, 2008

Making a Literary Life: Good News!

Winters in New England can be dismal: darkness falls too early, bitter cold penetrates the bones, friends and neighbors huddle indoors, hidden away. And with day four of freezing drizzle predicted, well, one couldn't be blamed for feeling a little blue (unless you happen to live in southern California...)

But instead of giving in to the blues, let's focus on the good news. We'll share ours and we would be heartened to hear yours as well. After all, that pesky groundhog predicted we'd have six more weeks of this.

Lisa Marnell
Lisa is away today, probably collecting good news!

Amy MacKinnon
Lot's of good news here. Did you see the story in the Boston Globe about Patry Francis and all of you who participated in the Patry Parade? The Cape Cod Times will feature her on Monday. Better news? She's feeling well. More good news comes from blogger friend, Eileen Cook. Not only did her hilarious novel Unpredictable debut this week (congratulations, Eileen!), but she had an op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor based on one of her blog posts. It was nationally syndicated and even received several letters to the editor in response! Can you stand still more good news? I mean really, really good news? I'll let you know on Tuesday.

Hannah Roveto
I'm ready for Hallie's new book to come out, especially the sections on books that will make me laugh and books that are a kick in the pants. But of course, the news that Patry is feeling better is the best news to take us into the weekend!

Lynne Griffin
A main character in my WIP has a rather unusual job, foreign war correspondent during the Vietnam War. Award winning journalist, George Esper, who covered the war through the fall of Saigon, has agreed to an interview. I can't wait to speak with him about the details of his work, they will add such richness to my novel.

Speaking of interviews, I've completed my interview with Chris Bohjalian for our Author Spotlight Series. Check back next week to read about his fascinating literary life.

People have been emailing and calling to learn the good news, but it's not that good. It's just another obstacle cleared. I'll share the really good news in the coming weeks. -- Amy


Sustenance Scout said...

The sun's finally back in Denver so we're starting to feel more upbeat around here...reading all your good news helps a lot, too. Thanks especially for the link to the Boston Globe article! K.

Carleen Brice said...

All very excellent news!!! Thanks for letting us know about the Globe piece. Go Patry! Go Eileen! Amy, I'll be excited to hear what you have to say Tuesday. It's a big day for me too. :)

Eileen said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me! I can't wait- tell me your good news... shhh I won't tell.

Larramie said...

Such good news about Patry and I used your link, Amy, to Eileen's op-ed on debut day...thank you.

Now about your good news. Here's hoping it's both a "show and tell!"

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

SS, send a little sun our way, would you? But perhaps you like the winter for skiing or boarding. I'm the only residentof NE who doesn't do a winter sport -- unless writing counts.

Carleen, I can't wait toget my hands on your book. It has such agreat hook. Are you a bag of nerves or utterly serene about pub day? We all wish you even more success.

Eileen, can you believe my Amazon copy of Unpredicatble didn't ship? After all of these months (seesm like eons ago I read about Rachel Vater signing you!). Instead, I will go to Buttonwood Books on Tuesday and get it there, along with Carleen's Orange Mint & Honey and Therese Fowler's Souvenir. Lots of good news in February.

Oh, Larramie, I can't show yet, but just as soon as it's ready I will. I'm afraid my good news isn't as exciting as everyone is expecting -- later.


John Robison said...

Your post sort of make it sound like you left something out. Woof!

No great good news out here. I'm waiting to get agreement on my next books so I can move ahead with a firm direction. And they're busy down there.

Just waiting out here. And it's winter.

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

Almost missed you there, John. I'll never forget how long and brutal the winters in western Massachusetts can be. I wish for you a speedy response so you'll at least have a project to distract you during our imposed hibernation. I can't wait to hear what it is!