Sunday, March 02, 2008

Friends in the News

Thought you might like to take a gander at some friends in the news:

Jennifer Graf Groneberg whose memoir, Road Map to Holland, was cited in Beverly Beckham's Boston Globe column today. Three cheers to Beverly, all children are gifts, and to Jennifer. May your book sell well and enlighten many.

Also, Grub Street creative director, Chris Castellani has a Q&A in the Boston Globe with our friend Scott Heim about the evolution of his latest novel, We Disappear. Absolutely fascinating.

Lastly, congratulations to Founding Debutante Jennifer McMahon for the dazzling review of Island of Lost Girls in Publishers Weekly. Sounds like a fantastic follow-up to Promise Not to Tell.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! From your lips to God's ears, as they say...

I really appreciate the encouragement, and the support. And I appreciate this blog! You offer so much to all of us, and you've created a terrific writing community. Thank you for that, too!