Friday, May 18, 2007

Making a Literary Life Friday: Cover Girl

No, not Caridee, our very own Lynne Griffin. Isn't her book cover gorgeous? We're so proud of Lynne and all of her many varied achievements. It's an exciting day when all that you've labored over for months and years is realized in the form of pulp and cover art. Congratulations, Lynne, it's well-deserved!

I love when I read fiction and I reach those AHA moments. When the plot comes together in a way you didn't expect, when a character acts in a way that is a surprise, but makes such sense based on what you know of her and her past actions. I like AHA moments in non-fiction too. That's why I'm so lucky to have Lynne Griffin, a parenting expert in our writers group. Parenting tips AND constructive help on my writing when we meet? What more could I ask for? Do I have to wait until September to read "Negotiation Generation?"

I've been busy finalizing readings and press for various writers who plan a Boston stop while on book tour. It's something I enjoy doing; getting a yes from a literary venue to host a writer is almost on par with writing a good page. You may have noticed Sue Williams is a new name to our blog roll. She's someone I heard at a Grub Street reading and I requested she submit the story to Post Road. I fully expect a savvy agent to pick her up very soon and then I'll get to read her WIP. Check her out. In other news, I walked into my local Borders and there, on the staff picks shelf, was Jennifer McMahon's "Promise Not to Tell." In another store, Allison Winn Scotch's "The Department of Lost & Found" on the front table (publishers have to love your book to pay for that real estate), and over to right, Tish Cohen's "Town House." When I picked it up, one of the booksellers said, "Huh, that looks good," and wandered off with her own copy. I love that. I can't wait to visit every bookstore in Massachusetts when Lynne's book is out in September. I'll be handselling them!

The three R's: reading, 'riting and revision. Or is that research? The week was full of reading what thus far is a wonderful revision of a novel, writing to revise, and making sure small details that will fill one sentence somewhere among 75,000 words are accurate. Lynne also let us each hold Negotiation Generation in its current format this week. Yeah! This is a book to pre-order for yourself, your friends, as gifts. Like Lisa, I cannot wait!

Well, here it is! My cover. When the final cover art was sent to me, before I opened the file, my sweet son took my hand and said, "I hope you like it, Mom." And I do. As for my wonderful friends at The Writers' Group, I can't thank you enough for all the support and encouragement. I am a very lucky woman.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lynne. Even before I became aware of The Writers Group blog, I'd heard about your book. What a GREAT title. It's stuck in my head, it's so completely on target. Amy, you'll have to let us know what Boston-area book stores you book Lynne at.

Maddy said...

Hi! [newbie] from blog recommendation. I have you book marked now [technically challenged person] So, congratulations on the book!

Lynne Reeves Griffin said...

Wow, thanks Jan. Early buzz is invaluable. Feel free to check out the calendar page of my website. I will be posting my fall events there soon.

Hi mcewen, welcome! And thank you for the well wishes.


Patry Francis said...

Lynne, the cover looks fabulous. Congratulations!

Judy Merrill Larsen said...

Ah, that first glimpse of the book cover--it starts finally feeling real, doesn't it? Good for you and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Lynne, I love the cover! And the book sounds intriguing - definitely something I'll be picking up.

Amy, you don't know how excited I am that the bookseller wanted to read Town House!

Tish Cohen

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