Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer Resolutions

Posted by Lisa

On this lovely Memorial Day Monday, it's an ideal time to make Summer Resolutions. I know I need to impose some structure on these three upcoming hot and hazy months.

Maybe looking at my resolutions will help you draft yours. Here they are:

My Resolutions:

1- Schedule writing time for writing each day.

2- Sit down with hubby and schedule longer writing sessions on one weekend day each and every weekend.

3- Finish revising YA novel and send it to my writer's group for review by June 26 (when, incidentally, we will be presenting at 7:00 PM at Buttonwoods Books in Cohasset, MA).

4- Start researching the historical elements of my next novel on June 27 (we must simply embrace the obsessive aspects of our personalities that drive us).

5- Exercise each day (unwrap that Yoga video and get on that spin bike).

6- Accept that vacation IS vacation and don't bring laptop (but bringing a good book is encouraged).

7- Write sitting under a tree.

8- Read sitting under a tree.

9- Take a Grub Street course or seminar.

10- Continue to weekly network with writers.

Happy Summer! AND Happy Writing!


Maddy said...

Do I have to do all ten! If I add those to my current to do list [476] .....well, I don't think I can even count that high.

Judy Merrill Larsen said...

Sounds like you've got a great plan! Good luck. Now, I need to come up with my own so I don't feel like such a slacker. . .

jennifergg said...

I like the reading, and writing, under a tree...

And as for the last, the networking one, do you mind if I link to this blog? I have a blog that sometimes focuses on writing, and I have a book coming out with NAL in 2008...