Friday, May 04, 2007

Making a Literary Life Friday: The Muse

It's here! This weekend is Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace writers' conference. In addition to the plethora of workshops hosted by brilliant writers (Michael Lowentahl, Pauline Chen, Charles Baxter), our Writers' Group will have two entire days to spend together immersing ourselves in the writer's life. No doubt, Lynne's panel on marketing (3E) will be the best part of all. Next week, look forward to the photos and epiphanies we'll share.

I'm finalizing questions for an interview with a favorite author this weekend while I'm at the Muse. There's so much really to ask someone you respect, admire. The Muse is certain to be a wonderful event this weekend.

Where to start? First I get the news from Gail Konop Baker that her memoir "CANCER IS A BITCH, Reflections on Midlife, Mortality, Motherhood and Marriage" sold to Da Capo and will be published in October 2008, then I hear that the multi-talented Hank Phillippi Ryan received 4 1/2 stars from Romantic Times -- the highest possible rating -- for her novel "PRIME TIME" (Harlequin, June 2007) and she's been awarded an Edward R. Murrow for best investigative reporting, AND she and her producer Mary Schwager have been nominated for 4 Emmys. Tears and cheers all around!

The Muse is the certainly the focus this week. Am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people, and of course, absorbing all I can from the speakers. The conference comes at a wonderful point in my process to influence revisions!

It's been publicity city for me this week. I spent time planning a publicity meeting with my publicist at Penguin. Wish me luck, I head off to New York next week to meet her in person. I planned my portion of the panel presentation on book publicity for Saturday's session at The Muse and the Marketplace. Details to follow in next week's posts.


Anonymous said...

Amy!!! Thanks for posting that! Has anyone told you that you are one of THE MOST generous and supportive writers in the universe? I wish I could see all of you at The Muse this weekend... have fun! Gail

Therese said...

Congrats to Gail and to Hank!!

And best wishes, Lynne, with all your endeavors in the coming few days.

All of you, take good notes so the rest of us can take vicarious enjoyment (and instruction) from your reports next week.

Have fun!

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

Gail, right back at you. You deserve all the many literary adventures headed your way.

Therese, wish you could be there. Maybe next year you'll come and teach a panel...