Friday, April 11, 2008

Making a Literary Life: Behind the Scenes

A writers' group provides more than critique. It offers support, friendship, information, and, oh yes, oftentimes a series of entertaining e-mails. In fact, when we first met Lynne, we included her in one of our oddest e-mail loops; we were trying to think of a name for our group, it seems.

During the final weekend of April we will attend the Muse & the Marketplace in Boston, Grub Street’s annual writing conference. We'll be hosting a panel on how to find a powerful writers' group, and Lynne and Amy will be moderating other panels. In anticipation of the event, Lisa sent an e-mail - she started a list - and, well, we all continued to add to it.

We'd like to share this series of e-mails with you, below:

Lisa Marnell:
See all of you in 18 days.

I actually can't wait for three things, in this order:

1- Standing with the three of you, feeling so happy we're together again (oh, how lucky we are that our paths crossed)

2- Walking on the streets of Boston (not street walking, regular walking)

3- Enjoying the company of writers, published, non-published

4- Spotting Michael Lowenthal and thinking, once again, how precious and inspirational he is

Okay, four things. And maybe number four goes after number one.

Amy MacKinnon:
1) We'll have a giant sleepover!

2) We'll laugh like banshees (I prefer to think of lost souls as laughing, not screaming).

3) We'll meet new people and catch up with old friends.

4) We'll get to hear advice from Julia Glass. Can't wait!!!

Hannah Roveto:
1. We'll get to hear Jonathan Franzen.

2. We'll be in a large group of those who understand what it's like to live in our heads!

3. I'll get to meet one of my dream agents... gulp!

4. We won't have to cook or clean. (I know that was on there before, but worth mentioning again.)

Lynne Griffin:
1) We’ll wear new shoes or carry a new bag—and we won’t be on crutches (Lisa was on crutches at last year's Muse)

2) Someone else will do the cooking, and we won’t have to make our beds

3) We'll spend forty-eight hours talking with people who really understand the trials and triumphs of the business

4) We'll have deep conversations about imaginary people and places with people who understand to us they’re real

5) We'll participate on a panel about writers’ groups where maybe a few people will find what we have

Isn't it wonderful to have something fantastic to look forward to! See you all soon.


Judy Merrill Larsen said...

How fun for all of you--wish I could join in for a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Maybe next year . . .

Enjoy it all!

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

Judy, stop by anytime for a cup of tea. You're always welcome.

Anonymous said...

I don't belong to a writer's group but I feel now as if I do, ever since I found your blog. Writing is indeed a solitary occupation, and people don't understand what living inside your head is like. I have been spending a lot of time in the 5th Century, working on a historical novel, and reading your blog every day is inspirational. Thank you.

Patti said...

how is it that i just found you guys?!

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

Thank you, Renee, we're so glad you've joined our group. Please keep us updated on your manuscript.

I don't know, Patti, but glad you did.