Friday, May 30, 2008

Making a Literary Life Friday: Slap Dash Dishing

Allison Winn Scotch sold the movie rights to her yet-to-be released novel, Time of My Life. Jennifer McMahon's novel, Island of Lost Girls is a New York Times bestseller. Tish Cohen sold television rights to her middle grade novel The Invisible Rules of the Zoe Lama. Brava to all!

Okay, okay, so we all don't have that kind of news to share -- yet -- but something good must have happened in our literary lives this week. Maybe we wrote a magnificent sentence or our protagonist's most important relationship became crystalline or we can feel the mojo when we sit down to write, you know, that elusive flow. Whatever your good news is, we want to celebrate with you.

Lisa Marnell
My WIP finally makes sense. Odd revelation, perhaps, but there you have it. I'm thrilled!

Amy MacKinnon
I deleted two chapters from my WIP that completely stalled the flow and now I know where I'm going. What an enormous relief. Also, TETHERED is at BEA this weekend (in the light box? which I hear is a good thing) and now I'm waiting for feedback. If anyone reading this is there in LA and is kind enough to snap a picture of the Crown table with my book there, I would be eternally grateful.

Hannah Roveto
The end is in sight, is all I can say. I know the Group will have comments, but the ticket to agent city is dropping from the air like a feather over my head, wafting this way and that, most important, ever-downward. I can see it, just about reach up and grab it. Time to both polish my writing and to review that Dream Agent List I made months ago. (Wasn't there a useful post this week on that very subject?!)

Lynne Griffin
I finished a first draft of my second novel, and then, knowing the story in its entirety, I reworked the first chapter. Now the work of revising and rewriting begins. I love this part of the process. More on a great model for revision in next week's post.

As for LIFE WITHOUT SUMMER, I got to see the proposed interior design this week. What a rush it is to see my words formatted in book layout. It starts to make the whole thing real.


Tish Cohen said...

Thank you, lovely ladies! And brava to:
Lisa for her revelation (only another writer can fully understand that feeling of clarity),
Amy for her BEA light box (that's huge) and re-energized direction in her WIP,
Hannah for having that agent ticket so close she can almost touch it,
and Lynne for entering into that rewrite stage. I totally agree with you, Lynne, it's where the magic happens.

Have a nice weekend, ladies!

Larramie said...

You all have good news to share, after all "one small giant leap.."

And, um, thanks for "scooping" me with the other news. LOL

Congratulations to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention -- and congratulations to Tish, Allison, Lisa, Amy, Hannah & Lynne!


Amy MacKinnon said...

Tish, I forgot to mention that I have the privilege of sharing pub day with you: INSIDE OUT GIRL and TETHERED will each be released on August 12. What magnificent company I keep.

Larramie, as a former reporter, I love to scoop.

Jennifer, you are having quite the year. Congrautlations on everything.

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