Friday, October 03, 2008

Making a Literary Life: So?

Well, what you done this week to further your literary life? Did you write a charming note? Read a like a writer? Did you have an a-ha moment that you followed through to a nirvanic conclusion? Check, check, and check. C'mon, let's celebrate the good, commiserate with the challenging, and kvetch over the annoying together.

Lisa Marnell
Truthfully, I meant to do a lot to polish my WIP. Sadly, everything else took over my life (boo hoo). Frankly, I'm in a place with writing where I'm focused on the writing.

Amy MacKinnon
I went to my first book club last night and, I have to say, it's the absolute best part of the writing life -- apart from the actual writing that is! Thanks to Mal Noonan and Suzie O'Gara for hosting, I'll post pictures next week and tell you what three books I recommended (hint: one of the author's intials is GKB).

I also received my French cover of Tethered (here). Wow, is it gorgeous!!! Thanks to my editor at Fleuve Noir, Deborah Druba, a huge advocate for this book. Tomorrow, I get to do a reading of Tethered at one of the new Borders concept stores. Maybe I'll see you in Wareham, Massachusetts.

Hannah Roveto
I bought a new notebook, standard school variety. Doesn't sound like much, but it is everything. With MS Number One on its way to agents, I pulled up the rough starts and thoughts of Novel Number Two accumulating over the past months and had a minor "aha." I could start writing; I know how it starts. Still, I want to play with the characters a little more first, get to know them, explore some more subjects and research. Thus my new trusty notebook, with pages assigned to each character that has appeared, room for scenes to be captured as they appear. This is differen than how MS Number One started, and I think the notebook will be my partner to making Number Two stronger, richer and (oh, pray), a little more efficient!

Lynne Griffin
As I fine-tuned my work-in-progress, two important details came to me. These ordinary moments when characters finally choose to reveal bits of vital information make writing fiction the best job in the world.

And I wrote a charming note to Ronlyn Domingue, author of The Mercy of Thin Air, thanking her for this.

Griffin's sensitive debut reveals how loss can tear people apart yet be the same force that binds them again with strength and love. I was touched by its honesty and intrigued by its emotional complexity. Many readers will find comfort and healing through this heartfelt, genuine story.

If you haven't read MERCY, please do. It is a beautiful novel that will stay with you long after you finish the last line. And check out Ronlyn's For Writers page on her website. She is generous with information about living a literary life. Thank you Ronlyn.


Gail said...

Amy!! Gorgeous covers!! Simply gorgeous! And thanks for the mention... on my way to oyur coast soon! xo

Amy MacKinnon said...

I can't wait to see you!