Monday, October 27, 2008


Posted by Lisa Marnell

There are different reasons we write. For some it's therapeutic (true for me). Writing fiction can help us process the injustice or cruelty we see in life (Amy?) For others, perhaps it's the joy of creating a quirky character who sets forth on a mission (a road trip, perhaps, Hannah?)Writers create worlds where family dynamics and life in general is protrayed honestly in a way that helps us make sense of our own relationships (Lynne?) This may be some of the reasons we write.

So, why do we read?

The other evening, as I approached the final chapter of the final episode of Scott Westerfeld's Uglies trilogy, the reason I read was so clear to me. It's hardly an epiphany to most of the world, I'm sure.

But I realized there are two reasons I read: one is to fall in love with strangers, to care about people that have become my friends over the course of two hundred, three hundred pages. The other reason is to be entertained; to feel my heart pound, to have to read ONE MORE PAGE before turning out the light.

Oops! I lied. There's another reason: Escape. Scott, dear author, my life has been so busy lately. I won't bore you with details... but your stories, delightful, entertaining, gripping stories were better than finding a hundred dollar bill every day for three months. Your novels were such a discovery and joy.

Oh, to write to satisfy readers!

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